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Migration thru Education Pathway


Most liveable Country in the World | The Land of Opportunity for Immigrants | Wants International Students to be Immigrants

Study Canada Services

  • Securing a valid LOA - In an eligible Study Program and DLI with the most favorable terms to the student (e.g. Lowest tuition fee & deposit, scholarships, waiver of IELTS and/or application fee, etc). 

       Necessarily, the Study Program must be relevant to the student’s previous studies and/or experience, leads to an academic & career progression and supports the attainment of his/her career & migration objective.

  • Most Affordable PGWP/Direct PR Eligible Study Programs in Varied High Demand Fields are Available in our Partner Canadian DLIs - Degree (Associate, Bachelor, Master, & PHD), Graduate Diploma & Certificate, Diploma & Certificate Programs including Co-op Programs

While Studying – Study & Work

  • Student Visa - With Part Time Off-Campus Work Permit

  • Additional Full Time Co-op Work Permit - For Students Taking the Co-op Program

After Studying – Work Permit and/or Permanent Residence (PR)

  • Full Time Work Permits

    • Post Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) – Full time Open Work Permit valid up to 3 Years for Graduates of PGWP DLIs (Public or Degree Granting)

    • Employer Specific Work Permit – Option for Graduates in non-PGWP eligible DLIs. Job Offer & LMIA required

    • May lead to to PR thru the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) - After meeting the Canadian experience & other requirements


  • Direct PR Immigration Pathways for International Graduates



Creating global career & migration opportunities is what we do best

Immigration Pilot Programs
  • Rural & Northern Immigration  Pilot (RNIP)  – Open in participating communities in various Canadian provinces

  • Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIPP) – Open in Atlantic Provinces

  • New Caregiver Immigration Pilot – For Health Care graduates and professionals

  • Ontario Regional Immigration Pilot  –  Open  in Ontario participating communities

  • BC-PNP Tech Pilot Program – For Technology graduates in BC

Provincial Nominee Programs
  • Manitoba International Student Stream – Career Employment Pathway and Graduate Internship Pathway (For Master & PHD graduates)

  • Manitoba Skilled Worker in Manitoba – For graduates with 6 months experience

  • Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) International Student Stream – Employer Job Offer, Master and PHD Graduates Streams

  • BC Skills Immigration – Skilled Worker Category, Health Professional Category, International Graduate Category and International Post Graduate Category

  • Alberta Opportunity Stream – For graduates of approved Alberta DLIs

  • New Brunswick International Graduate Category – For graduates in PGWP who have a job offer in the said province

  • Nova Scotia Occupation in Demand Stream – For graduates in PGWP with job offer in NOC C high demand jobs (Nursing Aides, etc)

  • Prince Edward International Graduate Stream – For graduates from PE recognized universities who have been hired by PE employer

  • Saskatchewan Experience Category – Students, Existing Work Permit, Health Professionals & Hospitality Sector Project Categories

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Dependent Visas – Spouse/Partner and Child Below Age 22
  • Spouse/Partner Full Time Open Work Permit or TRV

  • Child Open Study Permit (Free Education Up to Age 18) or TRV

  • Permanent Residence as Dependents (Secondary Applicants)

  • Book for a 1-On-1 Consultation & Assessment with our Visa & Immigration  Team - To determine your eligibility, chances and the  most  suitable “Migration thru Education” option that will lead you to the best chances for success

  • For Refused Cases – We will endeavor to determine best ways to address the specific ground(s) and how to overturn the visa refusals through a re- application or appeal as the case may be.                                

  • Next Steps (After a Positive Assessment) - Signing of a covering Retainer Agreement. Thereafter, we shall subsequently provide you with the complete guidelines & requirements specific to your case guide & assist you in the next steps of the process geared towards a successful application.


We are overseas education, visas & immigration services consulting company and NOT a placement agency.

We do not provide any services nor assistance concerning job placement overseas.

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