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Study USA Services

  • Securing a Valid Certificate of Eligibility (SEVIS Generated Form 1-20) - In an a Degree Program and University/ College Eligible in the CPT & OPT Work Permits (e.g. preferably in STEM field) with the most favorable terms to the student (Lowest tuition fee, No initial deposit, waiver of IELTS and/or application fee, etc) 

      Necessarily, the Degree Program must be relevant to the student’s  previous studies and/or experience,          leads to an academic & career progression and supports the attainment of his/her career  & migration          objective

  • Most Affordable CPT & OPT Eligible Study Programs in the STEM Fields are Available in our Partner Universities & College Across USA - Degree (Associate, Bachelor, Master, & PHD), Graduate Diploma & Certificate, Diploma & Certificate Programs

While Studying – Study & Work

  • F1 Student Visa - With Part Time On-Campus Work Permit or Off-Campus on a CPT Work Permit

After Graduation - Work Permit and Immigrant Pathways

  • H1B Work Visa - Full time employer sponsored work permit valid for 3 years extendible for another 3 years. May further lead to Immigrant status (e.g. on an EB2 or EB3 visa) upon meeting the immigration requirements.

Our affiliated US Immigration Attorney is able to help our students on the above.

  • Book for a 1-On-1 Consultation & Assessment with our Visa & Immigration  Team - To determine your eligibility, chances and the  most  suitable “Migration thru Education” option that will lead you to the best chances for success

  • For Refused Cases – We will endeavor to determine best ways to address the specific ground(s) and how to overturn the visa refusals through a re- application or appeal as the case may be.                                

  • Next Steps (After a Positive Assessment) - Signing of a covering Retainer Agreement. Thereafter, we shall subsequently provide you with the complete guidelines & requirements specific to your case guide & assist you in the next steps of the process geared towards a successful application.


We are overseas education, visas & immigration services consulting company and NOT a placement agency.

We do not provide any services nor assistance concerning job placement overseas.



Creating global career & migration opportunities is what we do best

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