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Franchise Opportunity

REVPRO is now open for  franchising  in  key locations in the Philippines and international  in support of our  business expansion to bring the services closer to the people.

If you are planning to start a new business or  expand an existing business in a global industry that is market rich, with multiple revenue streams,  low start-up capital & operating costs, fast ROI and simple to operate – owning a  REVPRO franchise in the overseas education, visas & immigration services  may be the right business option for you.

Our Franchise Program Highlights

REVPRO’s Franchise Program offers an easier, faster and more effective way of establishing, developing and operating your own overseas education, visas & immigration services business - one of the fast growing global industry today


Types of Franchise


We offer 2 types of franchise as follows:

1. Business Franchise

   The franchisee is granted full service franchise in a protected or exclusive location 

    pursuant to the terms of a covering business franchise agreement.

Marketing Franchise

    The franchisee is given a marketing license to promote REVPRO’s overseas education, visas 

    & immigration services in a protected or exclusive territory pursuant to the terms of a 

    covering Marketing Franchise Agreement.

Franchise Fees

Our  franchise fees are much lower compared to most business franchises and  offers a flexible franchise term option. No franchise fee increase on renewal. No royalty fee.


Limited Franchise

Unlike most business franchises with franchise outlets in every corner,  we will only grant limited franchise that is,  1 franchise  per city in Metro-Manila and 1 or 2  franchises  in the provinces. This is to ensure that we will be able to provide the best support to our franchisees in maintaining the high quality of services to clients.


We also accept limited international franchisees particularly those with big Filipino communities.


Thereafter,  we carefully select our franchisees to ensure that we only work with those who share our business philosophy & values  of running the business in a professional, transparent,  ethical and responsible manner.

What do we provide?

We  provide our franchisees with a set of  business tools which will enable them to establish, develop and run their franchise business based on a proven road map to become profitable & successful in the shortest possible time. These include:


  • An exclusive or protected territory

  • Initial and on-going business training Marketing Supports including robust & time tested Marketing Plans and Co-Marketing campaigns

  • A unique, distinctive & simplified business systems & procedure

  • Co-counseling / Centralized Visa processing support option including a proprietary Franchise    Operations Manual

  • Start-up Office Support Option - At our new Business Support Centre or Main Office with full access to our business  facilities for its marketing & client development  activities and the full complement of our REVPRO team.

  • Visas & Immigration Guides and Updates

  • Use of REVPRO brand option


With the proper & effective execution of your marketing & client development  strategies, you may recouped your franchise investment in 4 to 6 months. As in any business however, the success of your franchise business depends on your management & marketing efforts to tap the full potential of the market in your territorial coverage.

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#41 Annapolis St. Greenhills San Juan City Philippines
How to Own a REVPRO Franchise?

If you are interested, contact us so that we can discuss in more details about this franchise business opportunity as well as the best ways & next steps for you to operate your franchise business in your targeted location in the fast growing global education, visas & immigration services industry. 

You may reach us at or 63.920.920.8080

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